just released by Carter Machinery ranked Fulton County (Atlanta) the #2 county in the entire southeast states for new home building, as measured by residential building permits issued in the second quarter of 2013.

The report details the recovering housing market in the southeast, noting that new construction efforts increased 6.6% in Q2 in the southern region alone. Atlanta ranked twice in the top-10 list of counties, proving again that Atlanta is one of the largest housing markets currently in the United States. In the second quarter, Fulton County spent $469,140,679 on new residential construction, second only to the Tampa Bay region. Gwinett County also spent $186,846,953, and Cobb County $154,132,949.

These numbers are encouraging for prospective Atlanta homebuyers and business owners alike, since construction spending is a strong economic indicator of job growth and market demand. According to MetroStudy, another company that reports on market research, there were 3,714 new homes started in Atlanta in this period, nearly 77% more than the previous quarter–an unexpected jump that exceeded many experts’

estimates. With a limited supply of new homes and ever-heating demand, the city of “Hotatlanta” is truly living up to its name.

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